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Kurdish Museum

The Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive, heritage and cultural project for the Kurdish community in the UK launched in 2008.

The Hammersmith Local Authority closed the Kurdish Museum since 24-1-2012, the items of the Kurdish Museum now at storage until to have a suitable premises, we are very sorry.

Kurdish TV and Radio programme

Western Kurdistan Association has got permission from TV and Radio of Rojava since March 2005 to run one-hour daily programme, to broadcast problems and needs of the Kurdish refugees in the United Kingdom.


Our Leaflet, Books and newsletter and other publications.

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Ten Commandments by Dr Ahmad Al Khalil in Arabic.

The Nations of Middle East in Arabic and English

Dr Jawad Mella meaasages on Faca Book

The Oppressed Kurds and theirMoslem Brothers! by Dr Jemal Nebez in Arabic language

Kurdish Kurmanji Texts, short stories for children, some of them by Ibrahim Mella (father of Dr Jawad Mella) published by-Stig Wikandar, Upsala University-Sweden in 1959

My Memories with Apo Osman Sabri, by Dr. Jawad Mella in Arabic

The Kurds History and Culture by Dr Jemal Nebez in English

The Kurds, By Albert Mintishashvili in Russian, translated into Arabic by Ziad Mella

Dr. Ismet Cherif Wanly, the Kurdish question in Arabic

Collected Works of Dr Jemal Nebez, Forwarded by Dr Jawad Mella in English and Kurdish

Western Kurdistan which is occupied by Syria, by Dr. Jawad Mella in English

Kurdistan and the Kurds in Arabic third edition 2008 by Dr Jawad Mella

By Dr Jawad Mella : The Colonial Policy of the Syrian Ba'ath Party in Western Kurdistan (which is occupied by Syria), in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages

The Kurdish state in Kurdish and Arabic by Dr Jawad Mella

My Travel to Kurdistan 2009-2010 in Turkish

Stateless Kurds in Syria- Report by RI in English

Newspaper of Medya in Kurdistan intervews Dr Jawad Mella in Kurdish 1, 2.

History of the city of Hawler during 1960-1961 by Dr Jemal Nebez

Kurdish Grammar, in Kurmanji by Rashid Kurd 1956, electronic edition by WKA

Poems of the Kurdish poet Kamil Jeer, in Sorani

Dr Jawad Mella report on the Syrian Kurds conference in Kurdistan 28-29/1/2012 in Arabic

Dr Iamail Besikci letter to the UN

Parliaments of the world

Rudaw newspaper interviews Dr Jawad Mella 14-5-2012

Voice of America radio interviewed Dr Jawad Mella in Kurdish on 19-6-2012

Newspaper of Shapol in Southern Kurdistan interviews Dr Jawad Mella

Barzani Kissinger and the Kurdish State by Dr Jawad Mella in English and Arabic.

The case of missing of 8000 Barzani Kurds in Iraq 1983 in English, Kurdish and Arabic.