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Since 1995, Western Kurdistan Association has served the community in London.  WKA’s projects are volunteer-run.  Every year we provide the following services:

Training sessions for 10 volunteers involved in our activities in media and culture.

Accommodation of 30 work experience students from different schools in London.

Accommodation of 500 visitors in our Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive. The official map of Hammersmith Council and the list of 100 important places in London which produced by the Mayor of London mentioned our name to attract tourists in order to bring cash to London and Hammersmith Borough.

Broadcasting Radio and TV online which conducted more than 120 thousands hits per minute, broadcasting one hour daily the problems and the needs of the Kurdish community and other communities in the areas of housing, welfare, immigration, health etc. in English, Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish languages.

Provision of monthly workshops for 10 people, quarterly seminars for 70 people, three web sites and quarterly newsletters which we sent to our e-mail list of more than 1500 e-mail addresses.

Advice and information to 150 refugees to access mainstream provision where necessary in the areas of housing, welfare, health, immigration, etc.

Help 100 refugees in employment and education through one to one advice sessions, i.e. job search on the internet, interview skills and CV writing etc

Training sessions for 10 newly arrived refugees at our English language courses.

Training sessions for 10 refugees at our computer courses.

Supplementary School on Sundays to support children in Mathematics, English and Kurdish languages.

Football club for 20 young people.

Participating in all meetings, seminars and conferences connected to our services.


Our Activities

The Western Kurdistan Association has educational courses, Exhibition and readio programmes for Kurdish refugees in the United Kingdom.

We help Kurdish refugees in matters such as immigration, welfare, housing and health.

Western Kurdistan Association has computer, internet, media, filmmaking and English courses.


Six month teaching course runnig at the Main Hall of Western Kurdistan Association.

Film Making for Kurdish young in the UK

Five Film Making courses for young people in the end of each course produced a short film in Kurdish with English subtitles.

Football Club at Refugee Week on 20th June 2007, on attack and on the H & F Refugee Forum page 1

Kurdistan Football Club is the first football activities for the Kurdish community in the UK.

English and Kurdish

Course for teaching English and Kurdish languages for begginers.

Radio Programmes

Job, Rojava Programmes,Children Services

To remember Sheikh Ma'ashouq Al Khaznawi

One hour daily programme for the Kurdish refugees in the UK, to talk about their problems and needs.

Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive

History pages 18-19 , Archives (Renewal Annual Report) and Heritage of the Kurdish community in the UK, in the last century.

Project of the Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive

Kurdish protest in front of the Syrian Embassy