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Supplementary School

The supplementary school is one of WKA successful projects for Kurdish children in the United Kingdom.

To listen to Rojava TV and radio click the link:


Leaflet of Rojava Radio


Leaflet of Western Kurdistan Association


Proposal of the Kurdish Museum in London, the most unique project in the world



General Education

The Natural History Museum in New York: Dinosaurs,  Dinosaurs 2, The Elephants, The Sea, The Plants’s History




The Western Kurdistan Association is a community centre for Kurdish refugees in the United Kingdom.

The Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive is open by appointment (Free admission)

Refugee Week 2012

To all heritage institutions to help the Kurdish Museum with its current problem

Mayor of London Boris Johnson produced a list of 100 important Museums in London

Business Plan of the Museum, Library and Archive

Film Production, short films produced by WKA

Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive

The Kurdish Museum at City Tourism Magazine by Karen Dabrowska

Unique Books at the Kurdish Library in London-Hammersmith

Kurdish Book Bank - SARA:

Kurdish Museums in Stockholm and London cooperation

Archives and Identities and other websites:

At visit Hammersmith website you will see our website details under Things to do:

WKA Report , Mayor of London celebrate Newroz

Lets you be one of them

Dr Jawad Mella' article in Kurdish in Jamawar Newspaper in Kurdistan

Save the Heritage of Kurdistan, Hasan Keyf City' Memorandum

Hasan Keyf Memorandum in Arabic

My Travel to Kurdistan in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and English

Article in Kurdish about the Kurdish radio in Cairo in 1957 by Dr Jemal Nebez

Who am I, poem by Jagrxuin translated from Kurdish into English by S. Sorekly

Letter of Dr Ismet Chariff Wanly to the Syrian Kurds conference 2006

Dr Ridhwan Ahmed wrote in Arabic 2001 and still as new article